Future Continuous

Question: What will she be doing at this time tomorrow?

Incorrect answer :( Remove the last word.

Use these words to answer:

She reading book this a at be time will tomorrow

In English, we use the "Future Continuous" tense to talk about actions or events that will be ongoing or in progress at a specific point in the future.

To make a sentence in the Future Continuous tense, you need two main elements:

  1. The auxiliary verb "will" or "shall."
  2. The base form of the main verb plus "-ing."

Here's how to construct it:

Subject + will/shall + base form of the verb + -ing + rest of the sentence.

  • I will be studying English tomorrow.
  • She will be working on her project all evening.
  • They shall be traveling to Paris next week.

The "Future Continuous" tense helps convey the idea that the action will be ongoing at a specific future time. It often involves planning or predicting events that will unfold.

  1. Tomorrow, I will be studying for my final exams.
  2. At this time next week, she will be attending a conference in London.
  3. They will be celebrating their anniversary next month.
  4. By 8 PM tonight, we will be watching a movie.
  5. In the morning, he will be running a marathon.
  6. At 3 PM tomorrow, I will be teaching an English class.
  7. This time next year, they will be living in a new city.
  8. By this time next month, she will be working at her new job.
  9. Next weekend, we will be traveling to the mountains.
  10. At 10 AM on Monday, he will be giving a presentation.