Past Continuous

Question: What was she doing when you called?

Incorrect answer :( Remove the last word.

Use these words to answer:

She when her visiting was I grandparents called

In English, the "Past Continuous" tense is used to talk about actions that were ongoing or in progress at a specific point in the past. To form a sentence in the Past Continuous tense, you need two elements:

1. Subject:

This is who or what the sentence is about, like "I," "He," "She," "They," or "We." It can also be a noun or a name.

2. Past Continuous Verb:

The main part of the tense is the verb. To create the Past Continuous form, take the base verb (the infinitive) and add "-ing" to it. For example:

  • I was talking on the phone.
  • She was studying at the library.
  • They were playing soccer in the park.

Remember to use "was" for singular subjects like "I," "He," "She," and "It," and "were" for plural subjects like "They," "We," and "You."

The Past Continuous tense helps us describe actions that were happening in the past, often alongside another action. It adds depth to storytelling and allows us to set the scene with ongoing activities.

Keep practicing to become more comfortable with using the Past Continuous tense in English!

  • She was singing a beautiful song when I entered the room.
  • They were playing chess all evening.
  • While I was cooking, he was setting the table.
  • We couldn't hear the conversation because they were talking so quietly.
  • He was reading a fascinating book during the flight.
  • It was raining heavily when we left the party.
  • She was dancing gracefully at the ballet performance last night.
  • They were laughing at the comedian's jokes throughout the show.
  • I noticed that he was studying diligently for his exams.
  • While I was driving to work, I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.