Future Simple

Question: When will she visit her grandparents?

Incorrect answer :( Remove the last word.

Use these words to answer:

She her will visit grandparents next weekend

In English, we often use the "Future Simple" tense to talk about actions or events that will happen in the future. To make a sentence in the Future Simple, you typically use the base form of the verb.

For regular verbs, you can simply add "will" before the base form of the verb. For example, "I will talk."

Here's the basic structure for forming the Future Simple tense:

  • Subject + will + base form of the verb

Here are some examples:

  • I will visit my friend tomorrow.
  • She will study for her exam next week.

Remember, there are also irregular verbs that don't follow this pattern. For these verbs, you need to learn the specific changes they make. For instance, "go" becomes "will go."

  • I will call you later today.
  • She will arrive at the airport at 3 PM.
  • They will attend the conference next month.
  • He will cook dinner for us tonight.
  • We will travel to Europe next year.
  • Jane will start her new job next week.
  • The company will launch a new product soon.
  • My friends will visit me this weekend.
  • She will study English for her exam tomorrow.
  • They will buy a new car in the near future.