Present Continuous

Question: What is she doing right now?

Incorrect answer :( Remove the last word.

Use these words to answer:

She book reading right is a now

In English, we often use the "Present Continuous" tense to talk about actions or events that are happening right now or around the current time. To form a sentence in the Present Continuous, you need two main components: the verb "to be" (am, is, are) and the base form of the main verb with an "-ing" ending.


The basic structure of a Present Continuous sentence is as follows:

  • Subject + Verb "to be" + Verb (base form + -ing) + ...


  • I am watching a movie right now.
  • She is studying for her exam at the moment.
  • They are playing football in the park today.

Notice how we use "am," "is," or "are" depending on the subject (I am, she is, they are), and we add "-ing" to the base form of the verb (watching, studying, playing) to indicate the ongoing action.

This tense is particularly useful for describing activities happening in the present or plans for the near future.

  • I am eating breakfast right now.
  • She is watching a movie at the moment.
  • They are playing football in the park today.
  • We are studying English for our exam.
  • He is working on a new project this week.
  • The dog is chasing its tail in the yard.
  • It is raining heavily outside.
  • My parents are traveling to Paris next month.
  • She is cooking dinner for her family tonight.
  • We are meeting friends for coffee this afternoon.